Welcome to My Ghost Blog

It's been almost a year since I first wrote about what has become the Ghost project and it's finally ready to use in public beta.

I'm attracted to Ghost, largely because of its potential to straddle the perfect line of a content management system. By that I mean that it -- in theory -- will take the best elements of DIY static blogging systems (Kirby/Stamic/Jekyll/Insert-Static-System-Here), hosted services such as Medium and Svblte and traditional open-source blogging systems like WordPress.

Because I'm a Super VIP backer on Kickstarter, I've been using Ghost since its first alpha and it's been amazing watching the project progress over the last few months.

For this installation, I opted to use DigitalOcean -- yes, that's a referral link -- and their excellent pre-made droplet.

Aside from some issues getting Mailgun setup (DNS issues), the process was seamless.

I'm going to do a full preview/install guide for Mashable (this is actually for that post and will probably be in the screenshot -- hello world!) and will detail more thoughts there.

In the meantime, enjoy a GIF!